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Hi guys! So yes, even though I'm Romily's assistant, I will be on her blog tours! It's far too fun to give them up! *wink*


Find Me.”

These are the words written on Tessa Waye’s diary. The diary that ends up with Wick Tate. But Tessa’s just been found . . . dead.

Wick has the right computer-hacking skills for the job, but little interest in this perverse game of hide-and-seek. Until her sister Lily is the next target.

Then Griff, trailer-park boy next door and fellow hacker, shows up, intent on helping Wick. Is a happy ending possible with the threat of Wick’s deadbeat dad returning, the detective hunting him sniffing around Wick instead, and a killer taunting her at every step?

Foster child. Daughter of a felon. Loner hacker girl. Wick has a bad attitude and sarcasm to spare.

But she’s going to find this killer no matter what.

Because it just got personal.

REVIEW; OH MY GOSH, GUYS. I READ THIS BOOK FAR BEFORE I WAS HER ASSISTANT AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! The plot wasn't anything I had ever seen before and I loved it! It was fresh and it didn't bore you AT ALL. I loved the characters and even though, Lily did make me wanna scream, I loved her all the same. The plot twist about who was THE person, I DID NOT SEE COMING. I loved Find Me and EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT

                                                               5/5 stars

EXCERPT:I’m halfway through the remote computer’s firewall when Detective Carson parks on the other side of our street. This isn’t usually a time I like to be interrupted—actually, when I’m hacking, I never like to be interrupted, but because he makes my feet hit the floor so I’m ready to run, because he makes my heart thump bass lines in my ears, because it’s him and he’s back and I’m scared, I take a few minutes. I sit in the dark, watch the unmarked police car idle, and tell myself it’ll be okay.
After all, I’m prepared. I wired my foster parents’ security cameras to route the front yard video feed through my computer. I can see everything—the blacked-out sedan, the shadowy streetscape, the neighbors’ darkened houses—without leaving my desk. For a full five minutes, there’s nothing. No movement. No anything. This should be all kinds of uninteresting, but my palms still go slick.
It’s stupid to be scared. He can’t touch me now. Not when I have this shiny new life. My foster parents belong in a Disney movie. My sister and I live with them on the rich side of town. I’m not the same girl Carson turned in to social services.
Well, at least, that’s what I tell myself.
And, anyway, there could be plenty of reasons why he stops 

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