Shatter Me Review. Spoilers!!!!

What the Bloody hell was this.

I really liked this book and Juliette and her predicament interested me.

She has been locked up in an asylum for a year and treated like a social pariah all her life. Because she kills everything she touches.

She meets Adam when he is thrown into het cell and is rather wary of him.

They warm up to each other and then we find out he is a flipping goverment spy! WTH!!!!

We meet Warner who is a very psycho man who has a deluded mind.

Adam is on her side, they fall in love. Turns out that Adam can touch her POINT ONE FOR THE JADAM SHIP!!

They decide to escape and then proceed to escape. Then FLIPPING WARNER CAN FLIPPING TOUCH HER TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

We meet Adam's adorable little brother James, whois basically a little tumblr user becayse he ships Jadam and is full of sass

We also meet Kenji who is the life of the nonexistent party!!

Then action and people get shot and No, I'm not telling you who!!!

And a whole lot of things go down

From Omega Point,

Peace, Love, and Fangirl


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