Perfect Scoundrels review!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!

What. The. Crud

I mean really, I honestly didnt think this book would make me cry. ALLY CARTER MADE IT HAPPEN!!!! So Hale and Kat are finally together!!!! Finally, I mean 2 books later, FINALLY!!! But on to the point.

This book made us go and explore the deep dark corners of Hale's family and um... His family honestly scares me.

I mean Kat's family is more honorable and They are THIEVES!

Basically In this book, Hale is Scooter (I fell out of my seat laughing)

and His grandmother Hazel just died and the vultures a.k.a the family are getting together for the will reading.


Basically, Marcus asks Kat to see if it was a fake after his sister didnt get the money she was promised.

Then Hale gets angry they have to go break into the Henley again!!!

Hale and Kat fight, the whole family gets into a Big Store and Uncle Eddie dies.


It was the lawyer and his daughter and just I hate them sooooo much!!!!!!

Now Hale owes Kat's dad goats. Lots of goats.

What I honestly want to know is how Ally Carter has Henley floorplans and how she knows so much about thieves.

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From Uncle Eddie's brownstone,

Peace,Love and Fangirl


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