If I Stay by Gayle Forman Review!

If I StayIn the blink of an eye everything changes. Seventeen ­year-old Mia has no memory of the accident; she can only recall what happened afterwards, watching her own damaged body being taken from the wreck. Little by little she struggles to put together the pieces- to figure out what she has lost, what she has left, and the very difficult choice she must make. Heartwrenchingly beautiful, this will change the way you look at life, love, and family. Mia's story will stay with you for a long, long time

 If I Stay is a haunting read that will stay with you days after you finish. This book hit me hard because I identified with Mia, her family reminded me of my family and I felt their loss deep in my soul. I sobbed hours after finished and it took cuddling with little bro to calm down. This book is difficult to read but so worth it.

The characters were all so likable and fantastic which makes my heart hurt. Mia is a teenager with her life ahead of her and her out-of-body experience is terrifying. Teddy, her mom and dad were big parts of her family and having to read the happy flashbacks makes it so much worse because you realize that there won't be anymore happy moments. 
Adam was so lovable and adorable. He and his dramatic gestures to see her were all around painful. He was so heart-broken that you could feel his pain. Her family and friends were so good to have in the book because you saw that they wouldn't blame her if she left. The words her grandfather said to her hit me hard and I could not shake them.

I lost any semblance of composure when she found out Teddy died because I have a little brother that same age. If I had to live without him or my parents would not be a life. I don't know if i would stay like Mia did because without my family there would be no me. I dread seeing how she has to go through life now but she chose to live. I don't want to see her regret it.

                                                                    5/5 stars

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