Avalon by Mindee Arnett Review!

Jeth Seagrave and his crew have made their name stealing metatech: the devices that allow people to travel great distances faster than the speed of light. In a world where the agencies that patrol the outer edges of space are as corrupt as the crime bosses who control them, it’s as much of a living as anyone can ask for. For years Jeth’s managed to fly under the radar of the government that executed his parents for treason—but when he finds himself in possession of information that both government and the crime bosses are willing to kill for, he’s going to find there’s no escaping his past anymore.
With pulse-pounding action, a captivating mystery, and even a bit of romance, Avalon is the perfect read for hard-core sci-fi fans and non–sci-fi fans alike.

JETHRO SEAGRAVE IS A MAIN CHARACTER AFTER MY HEART. I will be honest, I received this ARC very early and I didn't read it. I INHALED THE WORDS ON THE PAGES.
    Avalon was fast-paced but didn't rush the plot to the point where you had no idea what was happening.  I loved the plot and everything was explained really well! Jeth had backstory but I wish that we had gotten more backstory on the rest of his crew.
As Mindee knows, I ended up shipping Jethro with the wrong person instead of the correct person. I blame Mindee for everything.
Mindee did get me really badly on a particular trigger with something that happens to Jeth in the book.  
All in all, this book was everything that I expected from Mindee! Exciting, daring and adventurous! 
                                                                   5/5 stars

Peace, Love and Fangirl

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  1. I think that girl and guy readers will like his point of view. It was sweet that he has a soft spot for his sister, Liz, and for little Cora. He reads Cora stories and kisses her goodnight and is totally big-brother kind of mushy with the little girl. So adorable.